2019 Walk Information Volunteer Jobs on Walk Day

Our Volunteer Walk Crew

The TBBCF Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut would not be possible without our crew team of volunteers. These crew volunteers are essential in helping to create a positive walking experience and are committed to its success. The teams consist of caring, diligent, understanding, and many times funny volunteers with a great deal of team spirit. Does this sound like a group you would like to be involved with?

Each crew member is required to register and select their choice of team. Crew does not have to fund raise but are encouraged to do so. When registering, please indicate which crew assignment you would prefer. We will do our best to give you your choice and will contact you if this team is full so you can make another choice. Please note that some assignments may require heavy lifting of at least 35 pounds or more. If you have limitations on the amount of weight you can lift, please avoid those assignments. A medical waiver for each crew member is required.

Volunteer teams are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is limited. We will assign you to a team based on the needs of the event first, taking into consideration your skills and capabilities. We will make every effort to assign you to the crew team of your choice. Each crew member is required to register and select their choice of team. Functions and physical requirements vary from team to team. All of the teams have some lifting involved, so please let us know in advance if you have any physical limitations by completing the Health Issues section of the Registration Form. Crew does not have to fund raise but are encouraged to do so.

Once you have been assigned to a crew team, your Team Captain will contact you to confirm your assignment. At least one week prior to the walk, your Team Captain will notify you of your assignment and the time and location where you need to report on Walk Day.

Walk Team Descriptions

The Procurement Crew is expected to liaison with all Team Captains and will serve as the ‘go to team’ for all equipment, food, and drink. The Procurement Team is responsible for maintaining a log for tracking all equipment and rentals and retrieving from all teams at the end of the event. They are responsible for ensuring all equipment, snacks and drinks are delivered to base camp before the start of the event and ensuring coordination for pickup and delivery of food and drink to lunch location and Opening and Closing Ceremonies locations. They will ensure all rental equipment is delivered to or picked up by vendor at the end of the event. Procurement is available for assistance via cell throughout the event.

The Pit Stops Crew will set up and operate rest areas at designated intervals along the route, providing hydration and snacks. They ensure that each pit stop has all trash/recycled containers removed, and then breaks down and closes each pit stop as the last walker leaves. Pit stops are generally larger and provide a variety of snacks and fruit as well as both water and sports drink.

The Opening and Closing crew will assist in setting up and breaking down the Opening and Closing Ceremony Sites and the lunch site. This will include stages, stairs, banners, PA systems, chairs, lighting, roping, decorations, etc. Once Opening Ceremonies have concluded, this crew will break it down and move on to assist in set up at lunch and Closing Ceremonies. *Heavy lifting may be required.

Hydration coordinates with and ensures hydration supplies are available on the day of event for all Pit Stops, the Medical Tent and Opening and Closing Ceremonies. They collaborate with Pit Stops to ensure all trash is cleared of areas. *Heavy lifting may be required.

The Cyclists crew assists walkers along the route by patrolling the route to ensure walkers’ safety during the event. In addition, cyclists identify the first and last walkers and their locations. This ensures that all walkers are safe. Cyclists also watch for signs of fatigue and/or injury that may require a walker to be picked up by a sweep vehicle for medical attention.

The Traffic Control & Safety crew controls both vehicular and pedestrian traffic at Opening Ceremonies, and traffic control and safety along the route as needed. This crew will maintain safe traffic flow, manage parking lots and staging areas, and keep an eye out for participants needing guidance, and provide an open access for emergency vehicles. The volunteers on this crew must be on their feet for long periods of time, and must be able to physically navigate and transport oneself from one point to another, often at very short notice.

Route marking is part of the Traffic Control & Safety crew. This crew is responsible for marking the entire Walk route with directional signs, safety cones, and clearing the signs/cones after the walkers have passed and the route is closed.

Sweep is part of the Traffic Control & Safety crew and consists of several vehicles, each with a driver and navigator that patrol a section of the route between the Pit Stops and lends a hand to injured/disabled participants.

This crew will set-up, manage and break down the registration areas. This includes pre-event registrations for Walkers and Crew, as well as the check-in areas on Walk day.

Medical providers must be licensed and certified in the state of Connecticut. All members of this team are expected to be capable of performing basic first aid. Other duties include triage duties, basic history taking, sports medicine (overuse syndrome, sprains). Medical problems that may be encountered include, but are not limited to, sprains, sunburn, allergic reactions, abrasions, lacerations, mild to moderate dehydration, hyponatremia, asthma, some respiratory problems, hypo- and hyperthermia, and blisters.

Massage Therapists must be licensed and provide their own table or chair for use at the Closing Ceremonies site.

This crew will assist with walk day registration onsite, as well as placing and removing signage for the 5K. They will provide assistance to 5K participants throughout Camp Harkness as needed.


TBBCF will devote 100% of gross fundraising dollars directly to research