Fundraising Tips

Organize Your Fundraising Campaign

  • Make a list of everyone you know. (This will become your donors’ list)

  • Become your first donor.
  • Draft fundraising letter. (Use our sample document to get started. Click here to download a copy.)

  • Draft follow-up e-mails.
  • Forward your donations to the Foundation on an ongoing basis.
  • Send thank you notes to your walk sponsors!
  • Have a Home Party

    Home parties are fun and a great way to raise money for your walk. Companies that currently partner with us are Touchstone Jewelry, Jewels for Hope, and Thirty-one. Call us for information about our current partners or look on our Events/Promotions tab on our web site. Or locate other companies on the web to ask if they would offer a portion of their home party sales to your walk if you host a party, e.g., Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, and Lia Sophia.

  • TBBCF Donation Cards

    Think of how you are asked in a grocery store if you are willing to give to a cause, e.g. “The Jimmy Fund”. You can now ask your local neighborhood retail store or business if they would be willing to offer the “TBBCF Donation Card” to their customers. The customer makes a donation, can fill out who they bought the card in honor / memory of, and the seller of the card can post the completed cards in their store. All donations would come back to you for your walk. Or ask a local grocery store if you can sell the cards outside their store along with the Shop for a Cause cards.

Other Suggestions

  • Ask a retailer or restaurant for a day or evening for TBBCF where a percent of the sales goes to your walk if you bring the customers (or even if you don’t).
  • Approach a rod and gun club, golf club, archery club to do a fundraiser for your walk
  • Hold a bake sale at a local grocery store or other location
  • Join other walkers for a tag/yard sale
  • Ask a local winery or liquor store if they would conduct a wine tasting where a per cent of sales would go toward your walk
  • Hold a car wash, happy hour, mini golf tournament
  • Have a bra decorating contest
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to inform people of your walk

We’d love to have you share your creative ways of fundraising to share with others. Above all, have fun!


TBBCF will devote 100% of gross fundraising dollars directly to research