14th Annual Walk Across Southeastern CT 2019

Marathon Directions

The full marathon starts at Old Saybrook Point, Old Saybrook, Connecticut and ends at Camp Harkness, Waterford, Connecticut.  Opening ceremonies start at 6:30 a.m.  Walk starts at 7:00 a.m.

Full Marathon Walk Route Directions

Old Saybrook

  1. Starting at Old Saybrook Point, proceed through park to Rte 154 (College St).
  2. Proceed on right side down Rte 154. Take right onto Cromwell Place.
  3. Proceed down Cromwell Place to end of road and take left onto North Cove Rd, which meanders back to Rte 154
  4. Turn right on Rte 154 (College St, which turns into Main St.) and proceed through downtown Old Saybrook to the end of Main Street.
  5. Cross the road at the traffic light and turn right onto Boston Post Road. Walk on left side of the road over the bridge.
  6. Turn right at end of bridge at the traffic light, staying on Boston Post Rd (Rte 1) for approx. 100 yards to the first right, Mill Rock Rd, then turn into Pit Stop 1- “Som Siam”
  7. Proceed on Mill Rock Rd. to Boston Post Rd and turn right. Proceed on Boston Post Road approximately 1 ¾ miles and turn right onto Ferry Rd following the road under the Baldwin Bridge and take left onto Essex Rd. Turn into Pit Stop 2 – “American Legion”
  8. Proceed along pedestrian walkway to Baldwin Bridge, and Cross over to Old Lyme.

Old Lyme

  1. After crossing Connecticut River (Baldwin) Bridge turn left at end of pedestrian walk to the light; cross at light and turn right and proceed approximately 2 ½ miles south down Rte 156 (Shore Rd) to Pit Stop 3– “St. Anne’s Episcopal Church”
  2. Coming out of church parking lot, take a left on Rte 156 and proceed to Bailey Rd (on your left).
  3. At end of Bailey Rd., turn right onto Mile Creek Rd and proceed approximately 2 miles on Mile Creek Rd (Past Ben Franklin Rd, Whippoorwill Rd, Buttonball Rd and Rowland Rd).
  4. At 3-way intersection with Flat Rock Hill Rd, bear left (almost straight ahead) onto Flat Rock Hill Rd for approximately ½ mile to intersection with Browns Lane
  5. Take left (North) up the hill, staying on Flat Rock Hill Rd for approximately ½ mile to Hatchetts Hill Rd, then turn right onto Hatchetts Hill Rd.
  6. Proceed approximately 1 ½ miles east on Hatchetts Hill Rd toward Four Mile River Rd.
  7. Turn into Pit Stop 4– “Nancy Larson Science Center” at intersection of Hatchetts Hill Rd and High Street
  8. Proceed down Hatchetts Hill and turn right (South) onto Four Mile River Rd.
  9. Be very careful of traffic on this portion of the walk – stay on right side of road and do not cross until you get past the entrances/exits from I-95.
  10. Approximately 1/10 mile south on Four Mile Rd take left onto Colton Rd
  11. Approximately 1/8 mile east on Colton Rd take right onto Capitol Drive

East Lyme / Rocky Neck 

Half Marathon Begins at 10:00 a.m. at Capitol Drive, East Lyme, CT and ends at Camp Harkness, Waterford, CT.

  1. Proceed south on Capitol Drive toward the parking lot at the end of this road, but go straight with parking lot on the left and enter trail through the woods (follow the TBBCF signs).
  2. Follow the wooded trail for approximately 1/4 mile and exit on Route 156 just west of Divine Wine Emporium.
  3. Take left onto Route 156 heading toward the entrance to Rocky Neck State Park. Be very careful of traffic on this portion of the walk.
  4. Cross at light and proceed into Rocky Neck State Park. Take the first right off the traffic circle toward the campgrounds, and proceed to the end (approximately 1 mile) to where it joins back with the beach parking lot access road. Follow TBBCF signs.
  5. Follow the signs turning left toward the east side beach house where Pit Stop 5 “Rocky Neck”is located.
  6. Grab a snack and follow the TBBCF signs east to the foot path across Bride Brook and the marsh out to Giant’s Neck Rd. Take a right on to Giant’s Neck Rd, and then first left onto Griswold Drive.
  7. Walk up Griswold Drive (steep hill), take a right onto South Edgewood Rd and quick 1st left onto Woodbridge Rd, and follow Woodbridge Rd to end (road veers left at the end) and then a right onto Marshfield Rd and proceed into woods on footpath, which will come out on Brainard Rd.
  8. Take a left and follow Brainard Rd to end, and then take a right onto Fairhaven Rd. Cross the Pattaganset River, and at the stop sign take a left and continue on Fairhaven Rd.
  9. Take a right on Old Black Point Rd, proceed thru railroad underpass and take 1st left onto Crescent Ave, heading towards Niantic Bay. Follow Crescent Ave. to Atlantic Ave. Turn left onto Atlantic Ave. and proceed along that shoreline road to “McCook’s Beach” – Pit Stop 6.
  10. Pit Stop 6 is hydration stop only, and rest rooms are available. Proceed up Atlantic Avenue. At the stop sign, turn right onto Columbus Avenue to next stop sign. Turn right onto Katherine Street and continue walking. Katherine Street will turn left onto Haigh Avenue. Continue to next stop sign and turn right onto Main Street. Continue to crosswalk at St. John’s church) where a Traffic ad Safety volunteer will cross you to the sidewalk on left side of the road.
  11. Proceed down Main Street (route 156) to Pit Stop 7 at the “Black Sheep”. This is a full service pit stop. Continue east towards Niantic River Bridge (approx. 1-mile) and Waterford.

Quarter Marathon begins at 1:00 p.m. at the Niantic Baptist Church, 443 Main Street, Niantic and ends at Camp Harkness, Waterford CT


  1. Follow route 156 (Rope Ferry Rd.) on sidewalk on left side of the road to Gardiners Wood Rd.
  2. Turn right at the traffic light at intersection of Rte, 156 and Gardiners Wood Rd to Pit Stop 8– “Babe Ruth Field”.
  3. Continue on Gardiners Wood Rd. to end and take a left onto Jordan Cove Rd. Follow Jordan Cove to end and take a right onto Shore Rd.  Follow Shore Rd to Palmer Road.
  4. Turn left on Palmer Rd. to Goshen Firehouse.
  5. Turn into the “Goshen Firehouse”, Pit Stop 9.
  6. From Pit Stop, proceed east on Goshen Rd to end, and then turn right onto Great Neck Rd.
  7. Follow Great Neck Rd to Harkness Memorial State Park.
  8. Turn into Harkness Memorial State Park entrance and proceed until you see the sign to turn left (approx. ¼ mile) before you get to the parking lots. Follow the TBBCF signs through Harkness Memorial Park and Camp Harkness to paved road leading to the balloon arch.

New in 2019 – 5K Walk within Camp Harkness.  Start time is 2:00 p.m.


TBBCF will devote 100% of gross fundraising dollars directly to research