Our volunteer Scientific Advisory Board expertly selects research grant recipients.

The idea of funding breast cancer research requires technical expertise to analyze and develop funding mechanisms, a fluency in the sciences, and especially, a vision of the future: a gaze toward the novel therapies and people who might unravel the mysteries of breast cancer promoting therapies to combat the disease. The founding Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) volunteered to lead this mission while pursuing their own demanding careers as scientists, business leaders, and scientific researchers. In the past 13 years the SAB has awarded over 4.4M in research dollars to fund new efforts to eradicate breast cancer.

In the process of granting these monies, they have reviewed over 200 formal proposals and interviewed numerous candidates. Their strategy is to continue to build name recognition in the area and build outward slowly.

SAB Chair, Dr. Nickolas Saccomano, believes what makes this virtual team so successful is everybody has had experience reviewing grants and they are entirely agreed on the parameters that they measure these by. He went on to say, “We are all old friends and we have all made our livings working virtually in the past. Most of the work is quiet reading and reflection as to the quality of the proposed scientific plans.
We have been using a simple tool that employs a 1-6 rating on several parameters: relevance, quality, technical feasibility, institute/lab, and candidate interview.” Sounds simple but it is not! Their efforts have been Herculean, mastered without complaint at the year- end deadlines. We salute the TBBCF Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Saccomano’s passion has achieved one of Norma Logan’s great dreams … that significant grant money be directed … to young, ambitious breast cancer researchers. When he joined this virtual SAB team, he was working at Pfizer in Groton. In 2008, he moved to Bend Research in Oregon as Chief Scientific Officer and is currently member of the Board of Directors of this organization. These days he leads the SAB from Colorado where he works as Chief Scientific Officer, Array Bio-Pharma, Inc.

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Chair – Chief Scientific Officer, Array Bio-Pharma, Inc.
Co-Chair – Former President, Pfizer Global Research and Development
Professor and Course Director, New York University Medical Center
Associate Professor, New York University Medical Center

President and Chief Scientific Officer Immunome


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