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TBBCF Financials

The amount raised in 2016 exceeded our $300,000 goal and our expenses were reduced over the previous year. We have reviewed the operating expense for the upcoming year and will continue with the old model of being run predominantly by a strong volunteer base. And we are always looking for ways to reduce our expenses.

We looked to our 10th anniversary year as a time to celebrate our past success and to raise more money for research in 2016. Our longer term goal is to grow the walk and increase our donation dollars.

2016 Fundraising
Raised from the Walk $244,606
Other fundraising events $97,351
Total Raised for research $341,947
2016 Walk Support
Sponsorships, walk registration fees, etc. $81,926
Foundation Overhead
Walk $15,144
Salaries and related expenses $25,492
Marketing $7,639
Website $4,369
General Administration $21,428
Total Foundation Overhead $74,072