Lifelong Friends

Lifelong friends By Johanna D’Addario What a beautiful benefit of having a rare genetic condition – making friends with others who have the same diagnosis. I met Kirsty on a “blind date” for coffee a few years ago. She and her family had just moved from Australia to New Haven for her husband Glen’s [...]

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He walked the walk for TBBCF

Gales Ferry man completes TBBCF marathon two weeks early By KATHLEEN EDGECOMB John Felty crosses the "virtual" marathon finish line! After a year of contemplating whether or not to walk the 26.2 miles of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser marathon, and with some prodding from his friend Denise Nott, John [...]

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Family is Everything

During cancer treatment family is everything By Johanna D’Addario I’m sure everyone will agree with me that family and friends are invaluable during cancer treatment. We rely on our support system for transportation to and from appointments, help processing complicated medical information, daily care and recovery, company and emotional support. My mom and [...]

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Donors and sponsors keep TBBCF operating

It takes all kinds to help find a cure By KATHLEEN EDGECOMB When it comes to supporting the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation, there are hundreds of of men and women who walk in the annual Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut and raise thousands of dollars that go directly to cancer research. There are also [...]

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Just get out there and ask

TBBCF fundraiser has some tips on finding donations By KATHLEEN EDGECOMB Linda Litsch says it’s not hard for her to ask for donations for the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation which dedicates 100 percent of its fundraising donations to cancer research. But she knows that for others it is an uncomfortable proposition. Her suggestion [...]

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On being a patient

Johanna on Being a Patient By Johanna D’Addario I am a PA, and I am a patient. It has taken the past 10 years to learn to carefully navigate these two very different roles. Perhaps being a provider makes me a better patient, and perhaps my experience as a patient has made me a [...]

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Women’s golf raises $12K for TBBCF

GNCC Women's Golf Association Rally for the Cure Raises $12,000 for TBBCF By Ellen Swercewski On August 7, the Great Neck Country Club Women’s Golf Association held their 8th annual Rally for the Cure golf tournament to benefit TBBCF and raised $12,000. It was a beautiful, albeit warm day for golfing where attendance included [...]

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Training Blog 1  By Johanna D’Addario Happy September! Now that the weather isn’t so hot and sticky, I feel much better about going out for long training walks. I have been setting my goal of at least 4-5 miles of walking a day, and hopefully will get closer to 8 or 10 this month. [...]


Walk this way with TBBCF

Training walk for TBBCF October fundraiser brings people together By KATHLEEN EDGECOMB It’s 7 a.m. at Cottrell Park in Mystic and the sun is trying to burn through the early morning haze over the Mystic River. The temperature is mild but the humidity is high. The 20 men and women who have gathered in [...]

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