First Cancer-versary

March 23 Sometimes there are bumps in the road, it's how you travel over them that defines who you are. Two weeks ago I went to a Survivorship Clinic (basically an appointment with a nurse practitioner, who goes over all of your treatments and diagnosis and then gives and outlined plan of further care). She mailed [...]

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Amelia Caster

  Amy Caster For the past six years, Amelia (Amy) Caster has participated as a TBBCF walker with a group of teammates/friends who formed a walk team in her honor. Amy is a breast cancer survivor. My involvement was started by a Pfizer colleague. A friend picked up information about TBBCF at the Mystic [...]

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Bobbette Clapsadle

Bobbette Clapsadle Bobbette Clapsadle is a three year walker who heard about TBBCF several years ago and volunteered at a rest stop. Tommy and Bobbette Clapsadle After battling breast cancer myself in 2013, I found a new passion to raise funds to help eradicate this life changing disease. My husband grew up [...]

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Pam Watt

Pam Watt Pam Watt is a foundation top fundraiser, a seven year walker, the TBBCF’s Matching Gift Administrator and a member of the Board of Directors. In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My friends and family formed a team and walked in support of my fight. I was undergoing chemo so I waited for [...]

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Rich Pugliese

Richard Pugliese Richard Pugliese is a former Vice-President of TBBCF Board of Directors and a ten year walker/volunteer. Rich and Maryellen Pugliese I was drawn to the vision of Norma Logan and Sandy Maniscalco mainly because I knew Tim and Terri Brodeur. I miss them dearly.  I vowed to support the organization [...]

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Sandy Maniscalco

Sandy Maniscalco Sandy Maniscalco is a co-founder of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation and currently serving as Director of Development & Operations. Sandy Maniscalco with Norma Logan (2004) Sandy has served in a number of roles since its launch in February 2006 (at both managerial and yeoman levels). One of my [...]

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Claudia Marks

Claudia Marks Claudia Marks has participated with TBBCF for seven years as a walker, team captain, marketing volunteer, marketing employee and fundraiser. Claudia Marks pictured with her grandchildren River (l) and Quinn (r) Claudia was encouraged by Marianne Esposito to join in the walk and fundraise her first year of involvement. From [...]

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Pat Newborg

Pat Newborg Pat Newborg’s involvement with TBBCF started in 2006 as Walk Co-Chair with Lisa Carroll. Pat Newborg Pat's role has evolved over the years from volunteer as Registration Team Captain, member and Secretary Board of Directors, and Business Manager to her present position as Director of Operations. I was one of Norma Logan's Heroes [...]

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